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The Golf Clash by Playdemic has revolutionized the world of virtual gaming through brilliant graphics and realistic game-play. It is a great time killer—if you try it once, you are inevitably going to get addicted to it. In this article we are not going to discuss the details of game-play or history of its evolution—what we are going to do is presenting some fantastic tricks and tips of game-play. You will become a master of Golf Clash within a few days if you follow them attentively. So let us check them out.

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1. Dragging the ball:

In this game, you need to drag the ball back and release it at the right time—that is what makes a perfect shot. However, when pulling the ball, your first aim should be directing the arrow signs towards the middle of the whole. Be extra cautious, as slight misjudgment in adjusting directions will result in ball missing the hole with a limited distance. Now, you need to pull the ball back and forth to determine the optimum force with which the ball needs to be hit. A glowing blue circle around the hole indicates accurate adjustment of power hitting. The third factor is concentrating intensely on the oscillating arrow sign, as you need to release the ball when it coincides with the direction of the trajectory of the ball. Performing all these steps in the mentioned order will end up in a perfect shot.

2. Balls and Clubs:

Choosing the right ball for your shot is one of the most essential criteria of successful game-play in Golf Clash. Balls have different features, which are highly dependent on the clubs. Our suggestions are to purchase the ball with high wind resistance if your store permits. It is because judging the deviation of a ball after striking due to air is quite tricky. To get rid of this problem, you need to frequently check the number of gems you have, as this is the currency by which you can buy those premium balls.

On completion of each level, you will get a chest as the reward. You will find a blinking dialog box asking you whether to open the chest or not. Don’t proceed further, without opening it. These chests contain useful gems, clubs, upgradation. If you try playing the next level without being equipped with them, your losing percentage will get close to 100%. We wrote new golf clash tips to win more matches. There you learn more about for example maintaining power force.

3. Topspin and backspin:

To enjoy the thrill of real golf play, Playdemic has included both types of spins in this game. Topspin is basically spinning the ball in forwarding direction. So, when it drops, it accelerates a bit toward the direction of the trajectory with some extra speed. You need to adjust the stroke as you need to use slightly less power when using this feature.

Conversely,  in the backward direction with respect to the trajectory of your shot. Inevitably it will slow down a bit, right after dropping. Hence you need to hit the ball with an extra force so that the resultant speed after dropping remains perfect. Following these tips, you can introduce both types of spins in your shots.

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Tips to master Golf Clash
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Shane · 09/02/2018 at 5:19 AM

When you’re setting up your backspin what is the value of each bar in backspin? How do you judge how much backspin to put or how many bars to select? Thanks

Denise Lafaver · 09/26/2018 at 7:18 PM

With thanks! Valuable information!

Thomas Meunier Jersey · 12/05/2018 at 7:16 PM

useful tips

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