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Game of Golf and Playdemic’s emergence

The game of golf has mesmerized us since a long time whenever we watched a veteran player with a stick striking a ball to get a white ball inside a hole. We often imagine us to be in the middle of the greenery surrounded by a lake and spectators are appreciating some excellent shots with a huge round of applause. With the advent of the gaming industry, popularity of golf as a game has been rising rapidly and this urge resulted in the subsequent release of different simulation games related to golf. However, a deficiency in the perfect combination of gameplay and visuals were always there.

A group of aspiring engineers and graphics designers with all their passion established a new gaming company Playdemic in the UK in October 2010, which is now famous worldwide for some outstanding creations. They put all their efforts and skills to build a flawless game which will be user-friendly and skill testing as well. Finally, it was 2016, when Playdemic released the first edition of Golf Clash which later turned into a legacy by the appreciation and reviews of users and critics.

Terms and features used in Golf Clash

golf clash sticks

Currently, Golf Clash is one of the highest grossing Android apps in Google Play Store with more than 10 million downloads clocking at 4.5/5 rating. To make it even more exciting, Playdemic has introduced some virtual rewards like coins and gems. Accumulation of them will help the player to upgrade the utilities and courses. In fact, if an amateur gets familiar to them before playing, even veterans will find it difficult to beat him. We have listed all of them as per the basis of priority or importance, and these are as follows:

1. Coins

We can say the lowest denominations of currency in Golf Clash are coins. As we purchase anything in real life, these coins enable the player to buy any kit related to golf by spending it in the world of Golf Clash. The most likely process of earning them is to win matches as it will deduct some coins from the losing participant and the same will be credited to the account of the winner.
In order to get the permission to play any match, you have to pay some fee in the form of these coins. The opponent will have to pay the same number of coins as well, and the winner will get the double amount of coins back as the reward after the completion of the match. Except this, one can collect coins by opening some hypothetical chests, discussed later. However, the amount of winning coins can be as big as 20 million coins if you manage to reach the high-level tours.

2. Gems

Generally, gems are more costly than the coins in real life and so as in the Golf Clash. Being quite similar to them, the player can use the needed upgradations like premium golf balls or chests for better performance. You need the gems to unleash the hidden items inside the chest after unlocking it.

3. Chests

The rectangular, wood colored, box-like icons are chests which store vital rewards and currencies. To access coins, gems, premium golf balls, club cards, the player need to unlock them followed by upgrading. To infuse a taste of variety, Playdemic has introduced six different type of chests, and these are King Chest, Pin chest, Platinum chest, Gold chest, Silver chest and a wooden chest.

Platinum chest— This chest is subject to winning the topmost position in the weekly league.
Gold chest— These chests rank second in terms of value.
Silver chest — The second runner-up of the weekly league will be rewarded with the Silver chest.
Wooden chest— Unlike the previous ones, the player does not require to hold any achievement to have a wooden chest. During the gameplay, the user will get access to a free wooden chest after every four hours.
King chest— As the name suggests it is most valuable among all the chests out there and the only way to have it is purchasing it from the store.
Pin chest— One can unlock this chest on the basis of the achievements which is getting eight balls inside the hole.

golf clash trophies

4. Trophies

Gradation of the trophies determines the skill of the player in Golf Clash. Playdemic has designed and organized them successively in ascending order of difficulty, and you have first to win a trophy to be eligible to participate in the next one. Moreover, winning trophies also imply unlocking of new clubs an opportunity to win bigger prizes as well.

This constitutes the main rewards and awards you are going to unlock in Golf clash. But players should remember that they have to spend the acquired coins, gems, etc. wisely. As like any other strategic game, where the player has to frame a robust plan according to which he will proceed, this one is same too. It is a brainstorming part of the game, and you are surely going to enjoy this challenge. It is available freely in both Google Play Store and iOS store, and we highly recommend downloading the Golf clash today to feel the thrill.

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