How to increase coins reserves in golf clash

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Golf Clash is currently one of the highest grossing video game in both IOS and Android platform. To increase your reputation in this world, you need to open the chest you are awarded with, use premium balls when the situation demands. Lastly and the most crucial aspect is not losing any opportunity to upgrade the club level. In order to this, you need one thing in common that is coins. Initially, even the pro gamers get some difficulties in accumulating coins.

However, there are certain tricks and strategies, which can help you, increase the winning and gaining percentage astonishingly. In this article, we will not only get acquainted with them but learn how to implement these rules practically in a live game. So, here are the essential procedures to gain a massive number of coins in no time.

How to do it?

In the initial stages, the entry fees are minimal, and it will hardly affect your coin storage. But the problem is, whenever participating in a new tour, you have to invest a considerable amount of coins. On the other hand, triumphs in these tournaments of the higher end will reward with a huge number of coins in return. Hence, there lies a thin barrier between two genres of tournaments— some are just for making a good coin reserve, some are to win.

When playing in the first levels, use those features or accessories only, which are inevitable for a win. A slight misuse of these reserves will end up making you running short of coins. Always notice that whether you have enough number of coins, at least two-three times more than the entry fee of the tournament of next level. If the answer is yes, you can try your luck. Otherwise, you better play the tournament of the current level again to pile up some coins. To get coins faster you have to win more games but nobody knows detailing the game play and ways to master the new legacy of golf.

Take part in the tournaments

Always keep checking the status of the tournaments, as you will often get some opportunities on the weekends or holidays to win some extra coins. Don’t lose a single one of them as they can accelerate your progress by as high as 20% than the normal.

Just like tournaments, you need to follow some unique strategies when upgrading your club levels as well. Very often we see enthusiasts spending coins heavily in every club to enjoy the game-play. But a large part of it goes in vain, as we invest in the club we don’t use frequently. Our recommendation is to play one game at least in each club to get to know about all of them. Now it is up to you, which club makes you feel at home! Shortlist those clubs and invest your hard-earned coins only in them. Always remember that the game of Golf Clash is all about making coins and our sole intention is helping you achieve it as quickly as possible.

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How to increase coins reserves in golf clash
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