Golf Clash Tips: Winning More Matches

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Playdemic has brought a casual experience of golf in your mobile phone with the Golf Clash. The gameplay is not notorious, it keeps the game fun with easy user controls with entertaining yet challenging game modes. Golf Clash gameplay is mostly determined by your skill, how you control and manage a good shot and put the ball in the hole.

Another casual element is that winning the golf matches in Golf Clash is determined by such skill, forget about overall rating system (OVR).

Here are tips to win matches in Golf Clash

1. Maintaining Power Force

If you’re new to Golf Clash, you may get confused about maintaining a proper regular shot. The sign is actually obvious, you’d look out for the circle where you put the ball into turning blue. This sign simply informs you that you’ve managed to mix the power force based on the distance. However, the discretion would likely play a greater role where you may have to increase the power and slightly pull the ball back to maintain a better shot and hopefully the accurate one. Accurate shots will bring you to the glory. Also, you can learn more about ‘Tips to master Golf Clash‘.

2. Upgrading the Clubs

Instead of applying the OVR and statistic system, Playdemic would have required you to improve your skill for winning. Despite the right power force, the clubs also determine your skill. Upgrading the clubs means upgrading your skill to some extent where you can improve shot accuracy. However, since there are many clubs to upgrade while the resources redeemed in the chests are limited, you’re suggested to prioritize the clubs that you use the most.

3. Buying the Balls

The skill system is surprisingly also applied to the golf balls in Golf Clash. For example, the balls could have high WInd Resistance which is helpful to increase the accuracy of your shots in a match since the wind influence is cut down to some level. Unlike the clubs, the skill of the balls is applied temporarily. It’s due to the fact that you can only use them in a match. The premium currency, gems, will be required to redeem such skilled ball. It’s not necessarily to buy the ball all the time, just use them when you really need them.

4. Chests

As previously mentioned, the only ways to get the skill is by redeeming them with currencies predominantly contained in the chests. In short, you’ll have to earn a certain amount of coins or gems to improve your skills and therefore winning more matches. Important is Fundamental GamePlay Tips which let you win more games. Fortunately, Game Clash applies a casual yet fair system on this matter, there are many ways to finance up. You can earn gems as rewards as you complete the achievements during your casual plays. Otherwise, you can be more orthodox by reaching a higher rank in League mode as there are probably more cards in the chest. Lastly, connecting your play with Facebook will reward you with platinum chests for free.

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Golf Clash Tips: Winning More Matches
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Genesis · 10/13/2018 at 4:30 AM

The gameplay in Golf Clash is admittedly easy.

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