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It’s neither a joke nor satire, Golf Clash allows you to build your own clan on the newest update. It’s a shocking news since this update would significantly change Golf Clash play especially the multiplayer mode. Clan system will improve the social element of Golf Clash. It’s actually been issued for months and anticipated by many players but it’s not expected as firm as the clan. If it’s about the social goals, then it works, at least for now. The clan system is updated per October along with the rule changes.

Here are things you should know about the clan in Golf Clash

1. Force Number

It actually goes beyond the expectation after the update released weeks ago. You can load up to 50 players in your own clan. It allows you to get more forces and cooperation in order to compete or even assist in getting the rewards designed for the clans.

2. Team Up with Friends

Like Clash of Clan, you can team up with your friends and build your own friends. See who’s online or set an appointment or invitation to your Facebook friends and get your clan set. The clan games offer a more fun experience and it sometimes can turn into a more competitive battle. Distance is no longer an obstacle for you and your golf-fanatic friends to play the golf, at least virtually.

3. The Competition: Leagues

There will be major competition to specifically enliven the Clan of Golf Clash. The competition is called the Clan Leagues which are held in the form of four seasons. So, there will be four seasons of leagues which allows the clan members to compete and assist each other.

4. How The Leagues Work

The main format of the Clan Leagues is one versus one matches. Once you won the one versus one game, you’ll earn points. The same system is applied to weekend tournaments for sure. Instead of AI, you’ll fight against real players across the clans. All the efforts of the clan members are counted for various rewards.

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5. Earning

Depending on the points your clan has earned, the Clans gain even more benefits from the communal works. These include leveling up and/or unlocking various perks for the clan and members. In other hands, there are tons of bonuses including the trophies and gems once you won the one versus one match. In facts, joining the clan even trigger you to do more for the sake of the clan, which means more hours in front of the screen. Champion 100 is the title of the winner of the Clan Leagues.

6. Features

Charming additional features are also available in the Clan mode. You can chat with other clan members as well as share the eligible replays during the clan play. It seems that more features will be available in the future updates anytime soon. Get your updates and start building your own clan. Win the matches and be the top over the clans around the world.



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