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Golf Clash is an in-app purchases golf game available for Android, iOS, and Facebook. It offers unlimited free play golf experiences with more than 80 single player holes. You can enjoy four types of levels including the Challenge mode, Teleport, Moving Parts, and Hole N’ One. Golf Clash provides stunning themes of the holes including Asia, Western, Forest, Space, and Beach.

However, the more astonishing golf game experience comes along with its multiplayer mode. Golf Clash allows you to join the real-time multiplayer golf game with your friends. Here are things you should know about the multiplayer mode of Golf Clash.

Tournament of 8

The real-time multiplayer game of Golf Case allows you to participate in tournaments against up to 8 players from around the world. The tournament could be very competitive as different countries may have their own style and you never know who you’ll play against and how it’s set. When it gets tighter and tighter, you need to consider upgrading your clubs and balls. Just get started!

1 on 1

Another option 1 on 1 golf match which allows you to play against Golf Clash players in a single match outside the tournament with no trophies. As you can imagine, it requires a lesser time to complete as you can go on a single match without committing serial games like in the tournament. Depending on your opponent, 1 on 1 could be very competitive compared to playing against the AI opponents but the time lapse could be longer than usual, it doesn’t matter.


Golf Clash improves the social elements through its real-time multiplayer mode. You can log in with Facebook so you can invite challenges to your friends. What could be better than playing golf with your best pals? Maybe, it’s only the physical golf. The distance wouldn’t be the problem as in fact, you wouldn’t have to meet each other to enjoy the virtual golf. What you need are the device and the stable internet connection. We describe it more in our previous article. Check article about game play fundamental tips.


Golf game would never be better as Golf Clash bring the clan system available on their platform per October’s updates. This improves the multiplayer golf game experience even further. You can team up with up to 50 players from around the world or simply from your friend list then compete and assist each other for rewards and achievements.


In the multiplayer mode, you’ll be encouraged to complete various tasks and achievements. Players’ efforts are counted by the system and rewarded with various bonuses. In other hands, the more achievements you get, likely the higher rank you can get in the leaderboard. You can compare your records with your Facebook friends and be the leader of the pack.

Unlock Items

Every achievements and winning are countable and allow you to unlock balls and other perks to boost your game experiences. Such upgrades are basically inevitable if you want to be the leader and win more tournaments and matches against other players in the live multiplayer game in Golf Clash.

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