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Golf Clash is one of the leading sporting games available in Google Play Store and Apple Store

The game offers real shot console experience which allows you to learn how to play like a master. Golf cash also offers the tremendous in-app purchases so you can have a cleaner way to reach your goals. It provides you a fair option whether you want to go through struggle or get an easier way by spending more penny to unlock extended bonuses and features.

Once you’ve installed Golf Clash game on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll deal with an awesome user-interface. It allows you to play against a bot or other players one at every match. What you’re looking for is the hole where you want to aim and shoot the ball into before your contender does. Shooting is conducted by aiming the hole, managing an inline parameter, and tapping to release the shoot. The same thing goes for when you get closer to the hole and want to put the ball in. It will take some time for you to get used and practice your skill in shooting, but in the end, you’ll be a pro.

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Instead of providing the practice or training mode, Golf Clash offers an easy to learn interface

Golf Clash allows you to have the free initial course as you started to play. Then, you can directly practice your skills as you play the real game. As you go on further, you’re able to win more money or you can simply purchase the money. Using your money is the only way you can survive in golf cash, but you have options to get it.

The Golf Clash encourage you to earn and spend money on the progress, which should be a fair system. Each match and tournament require you to spend the money to enter as well as upgrading your clubs does. Along the way, you can certainly upgrade your balls and your clubs by unlocking the chests provided in your dashboard. This upgrading is actually important to your skills and power. If you’re joining a better club and have upgraded balls, you’ll have a greater power and swing abilities. If you ignore this step, you’ll be easily defeated by those clubs which have better skills and power. Each step you took to determine how you can behave in the future.

You may experience a little unfairness at this point

Some people don’t agree with the “fair” labeled to the game which acquires you to spend more money to have a better winning chance. This may create an unfair environment where people with more money may have a greater chance of winning. However, Golf Clash indeed offers fun and exciting experiences, which means the interface is flawless. But if you want to proceed the game any further you may consider whether you’re okay with such unbalanced system. If you’re okay to spend more money get more features on Golf Cash, then it wouldn’t be a sin.


Anthony J. Schmidt · 09/07/2018 at 8:36 PM

Golf clash is fixed! Google is a invader of privacy. I know this to be a fact… Do yourself a favor and UNISTAL THIS GAME!

Been There · 09/24/2018 at 11:09 PM

Crooked game. Just read the in game reviews. They give away coins to get 4.5 stars but read the written reviews. Game cheats, fixed, rigged, unbelievable money grab, over and over.

I’m just here to tell you the thousand bad reviews, and it’s easily 5 to 1 against, are all spot on. It’s a cheat game.

David · 09/29/2018 at 4:29 PM

Very unfair to play tournaments against others that are further along than you. I will be campaigning all my 186 friends to uninstall this unfair and speedy app

Kim · 10/30/2018 at 11:23 PM

This game caters to people who spend money and if you play their bought balls you can make all shots . Some how their mishit balls stay in play and even go in the hole when they should miss and yours somehow always miss

Graham bibby · 12/04/2018 at 10:22 AM

This game is fixed unless you spend money and buy coins the higher you go the harder it is!!

John Bush · 12/08/2018 at 12:03 PM

Golf clash is a total rip off. I’m an master one player and get into slumps we’re I can lose 20 games in a row mostly with playoff holes. Approach shots that would put me 3-6 yards from the hole yesterday now are 25yds from the hole. It’s not the wind I know how to account for that. Also with a a perfect WiFi signal I keep losing my connection and therefore losing the hole. I have no trouble with any other apps. I keep buying more coins and balls. So now they fix the games so I will buy more. Well I’m done.

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