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Why you should refer back to the stats? It’s simply because not all the upgrades are useful as the rest could be useless. You need to identify and select upgrades based on the stats of each type of the club. Picking the ones which are fully used by your default club and abandon the others. For example, upgrading besides Thor’s Hammer and Extra Mile won’t contribute anything for drivers. Furthermore, there are some upgrades which are useless until you’ve reached certain tours.

Money Doesn’t Matter

You’re getting it wrong if the main problem of upgrading the clubs in the Golf Clash is the coins. No, it’s only half right as indeed, you need the money to do the upgrades but effective upgrades reward you with more coins. As you’re passing the Tour 7, you’ll earn more than 300,000 coins per game, but you’ll fail to get through if you choose ineffective upgrades. Well, it could be said that it’s about money management if we talk about tour 1-6.

Never Overdoing

Of course, you can get through the higher Tour 7-12 (yes, it’s 12 now) without upgrading your clubs. It’s indeed inevitable but you just don’t overdo it since each type of club require only require a specific upgrade for each tour instead of maximizing in all aspects since it could be a big resource waste. Refer back to the stats of the club and your progress on tour every time you want to upgrade.


Charming additional features are also available in the Clan mode. You can chat with other clan members as well as share the eligible replays during the clan play. It seems that more features will be available in the future updates anytime soon. Get your updates and start building your own clan. Win the matches and be the top over the clans around the world.

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