Golf Clash: Earning Coins in Effective Ways

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It’s not a secret that Golf Clash is one of the most popular golf game. Golf Clash pampers its players with an enjoyable gameplay that brings more fun than just competition. Golf Clash presents the casual golf format right in your hands even though you’re not a golf player in the real life. However, as with many other mobile games, earning coins could be a daunting task. The coin is the in-game currency which consumed during the games. Actually, you can earn coins faster without cheating. In this article will share how to effectively earn coins in Golf Clash.


Once you take a tour, you’ll have to spend money tour but you’re going to earn money as well. Indeed, winning the tours will reward you with coins. So, what’s the point? Simple, you’re going to make a profit from your rewards. You’ll have to spend more coins to take a higher tour but you would be losing as you’re not well-equipped. Losing the tour means wasting coins so you need to avoid to take such tours.

Instead, once you’ve finished the two first tours, you can simply hang around there to earn more coins. It’s suggested to not taking such high-end tours before it’s overfunded by double or triple of required coins. So, what you should do while hanging around? One of the eligible ways is by joining the tournaments and events which reward you with a significant amount of coins for winning.


Clubs play a significant role in player’s golf careers. That’s why many people think they just have to upgrade their clubs all the time. But as you might have predicted, it’s wasting coins for nothing. It doesn’t matter if you have an upgraded club but you don’t have enough money to play any matches. Instead, you only need to upgrade the club you use the most. You can start with your favorite clubs and constantly upgrade them when you’re hanging around at the Tour. We suggest you prioritize putter and driver for upgrading since you’d use them at most time. This might not be a specific tip of earning coins, but when you apply this method you can optimize the coins you spend into a more effective strategy to win matches and gain more coins.

Facebook and Ads

You can activate the interuser coin transfer feature as well as Platinum chest by connecting your Golf Cash with your Facebook Account. You’re able to collect the chest as the reward of each 8 successful putts.

Another eligible way to earn coins in Golf Clash is by watching in-game ads videos. You can keep watching them everytime they’re offered and you can get a significant amount of coins. Free chests which come in every four hours is also worth for constant check. In fact, if you have no coins to continue these last efforts are the only way to earn coin.

Now, you know how to earn coins in Golf Clash. Spend your coins wisely on the mostly used Clubs and perks. Coin management is just as important as the earning coins itself. Take any chances to earn coins for free while the other modes are buffering.

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Golf Clash: Earning Coins in Effective Ways
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