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Welcome to the world of golf with warm greetings on behalf of Playdemic, one of the most significant pioneers in the contemporary mobile gaming industry. The most strong sensation of them till date is indeed the celebrated Gold Clash Android and iOS game, and we will first describe all the minute details about the game-play, effective strategies, etc. in this article. Let us begin with a brief report on the basics of game-play.

Upgradation of clubs:

Each club in Golf clash features specific Club Cards, and you need to collect these cards in order to unlock them. Firstly, you have to click on the main menu and then on the golf bag icon. Right here appears the list which will indicate the number of club cards needed to unlock the respective clubs. However, there are two ways of collecting these cards: you can open the acquired chests and purchase them online from the Golf Clash store.

View and selection of golf balls:

To view all the premium balls Golf Clash has in its store, and you can click on the ‘Balls’ option under the golf bag icon in the main menu. Each of them has different characteristics, and the developers have set prices of them accordingly. There is another utility which lets you select your favorite ball before moving on to the next match. However, you can compare, match and then choose the balls in the golf bag tab. Before starting every match, you will find a screen prompting to select the desired ball. There is a pre-selection tool as well to organize the golf bag right from the main menu. The sources of earning premium golf balls are chests and Golf Clash store. During selection of them, the main criteria you should consider are wind resistance, power, and side spin.

Weekly league:

The journey of a player in Golf Clash begins with a title of ‘beginner.’

Except this, the weekly league has twelve different divisions which are Rookie (I, II & III), Professional (I, II & III), Expert (I, II & III) and Master (I, II & III).

The game follows a simple rule of promotion to the next level that is you have to win more matches to end the week with relatively higher points. Whereas, a consecutive losing streak may result in demotion to the lower level. You have to remember that the data count will begin right after Monday and end in Sunday midnight. Ending up with higher points and wins will earn chests studded with gems, coins, and some premium club cards enabling you to unlock new golf courses.

golf clash tournament


Tournaments in Golf Clash is a week-long process which starts from the Monday of every week and finishes on Sunday. Each of the day’s play is designed as :

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday — Qualifiers

Thursday and Friday — Opening Round

Saturday and Sunday — Weekend Round.

There will be three different sessions of qualifying round in the tournament, and you need to score sufficiently to get an opportunity to play in the opening round. However, Golf Clash rewards all the players who make it to the weekend rounds with featured awards.


This is the ultimate recognition of all the hard works you have done throughout the entire tournament. On successful completion of the participation, your account will automatically get credited with the colorful medals attached with ribbons. Your profile page in the Golf Clash will always display your hard-earned medals as a symbol of pride and honor.

golf clash golden shots

Golden Shot:

The golden shot is all about extreme accuracy, and it will definitely take some time to master it. The player has to take the shot from the tee, and the target is to place the ball as close as possible towards the pin. The ball will be golden in color to set a different feeling. You can take golden shots more than one time, but you have to place the ball in the inner ring with respect to the previous shot. However, you will get one golden shot for free and have to purchase it from the Golf Clash store in case you aspire for multiple shots.

Availability and selection of opponents:

1. Being an online game, the success of Golf Clash has to depend on the fair selection of opponents. Playdemic has invented and implemented an intelligent algorithm to realize this objective with two visuals— One is to pick and select as quickly as possible from the database and the second is a selection of players with an identical number of coins and trophy.

2. When the user hits the play button after clicking on the 1-v-1 tab, the software runs to find those playing on the same tour. If the process ends up successfully, the game begins freezing the scroll box containing the icon of the participants. Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to find two players having a precisely same number of coins and trophy count. The solution is moving the selection bracket slightly up and down to find the closest one for fair gameplay. The data revealed by Playdemic shoes that the success rate of this process is as high as 96.1%.

3. In rarest of rare cases, it may happen that there is no player available online at the same moment having those above-mentioned criteria. To overcome this problem, Golf Clash will search for players with identical trophy levels played recently from the database. In order to make it feel as if two opponents are playing in real time, they tally the winning streak, percentage of taking perfect shots. However, the result of the game will only affect the profile of the actual live player.

4. Although Playdemic visualizes the same method to select the opponent in case of tournaments, it gets much tricky due to low availability of players. In this cases, Golf Clash utilizes weekly division points for best possible matchmaking. In case of no live players available, Golf Clash follows the same strategy of finding players who were live recently as it does in 1-v-1 matches

5. Playdemic is very strict in case of any cheats and unfair means of play. The players involved in this type of unfair practices will subject to various penalties ranging from temporary suspension of the game to permanent ban of the account. Playdemic uses the latest technologies to detect the application of bots, hacks, third-party programs for ultimate protection of the game server.


Thomas Harvey · 09/03/2018 at 11:31 PM

Great game love it

Eula · 10/16/2018 at 10:46 AM

The gameplay in Golf Conflict is de facto simple.

Rowena · 10/22/2018 at 10:09 PM

The gameplay in Golf Clash is actually easy.

Clint · 12/07/2018 at 4:58 PM

Golf Conflict is an arcade-fashion multiplayer golf sport.

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