Advantages of Chat Feature in Golf Clash and How It Works

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Today, you can join or even create a clan in Golf Clash after the new updates. The Golf Clash clan social communication is featured with chat rooms. It facilitates the real-time communication between members of the clan including arranging the strategies and any other things. You can now access the chat feature the main menu of the clan mode. Golf Clash applies the profanity filters on the chat engines.
Here are what you shouldn’t do/perform in the Golf Clash Chat feature which can be your guide in the clan chat rooms.

1. Bad Language

It’s highly suggested to avoid any bad words containing insults, offense, and abuses even it’s in your own clan. Just refrain from these bad languages as you’re using the chat message feature.

2. No Cheat

Don’t even think to use any cheats on Golf Clash, that’s the basic rule. In the chat filter, it includes not to discuss, encourage, promotes, or talk about the cheating. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for curiosity or fun, ensure that your chat topics are out of these.

3. No Trade

Golf Clash has a very strict account policy so they put it into their chat filter. You’re not allowed to buy or trade any Golf Clash accounts and you can’t even discuss it through the chat rooms. Since it’s completely forbidden, just stay away from these topics.

4. Non-Official Transactions

You can redeem items with in-game currencies while you redeem the currencies with real money. However, you can only order it through in-app purchases and avoid any unofficial transactions. It includes the prohibition of being engaged in unauthorized trades of the items and currencies, don’t even think of being a dealer either.

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5. Phishing Activities

Even though you’re not engaged in such crimes, the social communication just can go wrong. It’s natural to know each other between clan members, but it’s suggested to avoid requiring detail information of other players especially when it’s related to their account information.

6. Spamming

Another abusive behavior shouldn’t be performed in Golf Clash chat include advertising, spamming, scamming, and so forth. Don’t misuse the broadcast feature for such activities.

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7. Breaking The Rules

You’re not allowed to discuss, promote, or encourage any topics related to breaking the rules with other Golf Clash players. If it’s in a clan, you need to consider the consequences for the clan itself. It’s better to refer back to the strategic clan topics or another fun topic.

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Advantages of Chat Feature in Golf Clash and How It Works
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