About us

Net-Imaging was created in September 2016. Since then, we’ve been trying to increase our skills every day. We have created many interesting projects that have appeared on the global market. It is among others Troppel Share Game and the mobile SendMe application. About a year ago, this is February 2017, we came up with an interesting idea of creating a generator. It is just this generator that you can find on this page. We wanted to balance the chances of all players so that the richer would not have the advantage. Our generator offers you the possibility to generate Only One Once and up to 1 million gold and gems.

Our team consists of three members: Tom Parret, Steve Smith, and Victor Apollo. We are quite young because our average age is 22 years. We are interested in computer science and all similar fields from a secondary school. It’s so cool that our whole team knows everything from childhood. We are good friends who can always count on each other. Thanks to our excellent communication and mutual knowledge, we can create very large projects in a short time.